About Us

How could a gecko change my life? Good question. It couldn’t. But our company certainly can 😏

Way back in the last decade (ok so it was only 2019), our founders realised that we all have items that are just laying around the house and gathering dust!

However, it dawned on them that many people needed those items for everyday use so they began thinking… 🤔

Fast forward to now and Gecko solves the problem they initially had! Gecko helps people make extra cash off items in their home by renting them out and helps people hire hard to get items easily, to create unforgettable experiences...

Sounds pretty good right? Keep reading to find out how you can make the most out of Gecko… 🦎

Lend your items to cash in on clutter 💸
Here at Gecko, we have created the ultimate platform for you to cash in on those items gathering dust in your home.

Be it that costume you wore once to a party, the tent you bought for a 3-day festival or a drone you haven’t yet flown. Why not lend it out to make some extra cash? 🤑

Discover cool items you can’t afford 🤩
Can’t think of anything off the top of your head to lend?

Lucky for you, Gecko is an online rental marketplace that has everything at your fingertips! From DJ decks, speakers, party lights, drones and costumes - whatever you need, get it on Gecko! 😎

Be a part of undoing environmental damage 💪
Want to know the beauty of lending and borrowing? You’re shifting from a consumer to a sharer for the sake of the environment. 🌱

Go you! 🌏

We’re super secure 🔒
Still need more convincing? Let us put your mind at ease! Every item has a secure bond in place, that goes through a vetting process and implements stripe gateway payment.

Basically, we have all our customer’s details and can even liaison with a bank if need be 😌

So, what are you waiting for? Geck-going (See what we did there 😉)