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Carl Zeiss T*1 4/85-85mm f1.4 Lens

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Benjamin Kennedy
Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia
Carl Zeiss Planar T* 14/85 - 85mm f1.4 lens hire. Color Black. In great condition.
Main features and specs:
This short telephoto is a classic portrait focal length which is further enhanced by the long barrel rotation for precise control of the focus point in the image. The Planar T* 14/85 is optimized for medium to longer distances and provides distortion-free performance which only improves as the lens is stopped down. The fast f/1.4 aperture is very useful for creatively controlling the depth of field and the nearly circular diaphragm creates a pleasing ‘bokeh’ in the out-of-focus areas. The Planar T* 14/85 is designed for use with full-frame SLR and DSLR cameras. Combined with a DSLR with a 1.6 crop factor the lens becomes a focal length of 136mm.


Alexandria, New South Wales

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