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Carl Zeiss T*3.5/18-18mm f3.5 Lens

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Benjamin Kennedy
Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia
Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 3.5/18 - 18mm f3.5. Color Black. In great condition.
Main features and specs:
This ultra wide angle lens is ideal for capturing breathtaking moments in dramatic perspectives. The Distagon T* 35 / 18 offers excellent image performance over the entire image field. The precision floating elements design offers constant high performance over the entire distance range from 0.3 m (0.98 ft) to infinity. Optimum reflection absorption combined with the Carl Zeiss T* anti-reflex coating allow for brilliant pictures even under difficult lighting conditions. Extremely contrasting edges are captured without color fringes due to the optimal color correction. Even combined with a digital SLR using a ASP-C type sensor this lens has an effective focal length of 27 mm providing an interesting wide angle perspective.


Alexandria, New South Wales

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